Monday, May 30, 2011

"Sideways" All Over Again

So after Boyfriend and I had a fabulous time at Epiphany in Los Olivos, we trotted down the street to go do our favorite thing: sit at the bar at the Los Olivos Cafe, have a glass of wine along with one of their gourmet pizzas. Ah, what a life.

In case you don't know, the Los Olivos Cafe was the setting for the big "dinner" scene in the movie   The film centers around one wine connoisseur who takes his non-wine connoisseur friend out on a wine tasting trip through Santa Barbara wine country. The dinner scene is where the two guys meet up with their two female love interests and drink probably six bottles of wine between them. Wow. That's heroic.

So as boyfriend and I approached the Cafe, I took boyfriend into the alley as I needed to make one thing really clear to him. I said,

"I'm not drinking any fucking merlot!"

Dana didn't understand this as he actually likes merlot, but because I had so much anger about it all, he acquiesced.

Chris was our fabulous server for the night who made sure that I didn't even have to look at any merlot bottles. I think he was nervous that I might smash them. On top of that, we were such high-maintenance clients he had to start drinking just to get through the evening with us.

Maybe I should just rename Chris "Miles" since Miles (in the movie) chugged red wine like this while running down hill (yes, hint hint - trying to tie in the movie again.)

So after Boyfriend and I got through about three bottles of wine, I started to drunk dial my brother. All I remember is yelling at him that I wasn't drinking merlot, and laughing so hard that I couldn't hardly speak while I was trying to tell him about my "Save the Cocks" campaign. Ah, the foggy memories.

Ta-Da! Boyfriend and I will take a bow now, thanking all of your for indulging us with this little "Sideways" reenactment.  Man, between the excellent wines at Epiphany and a hilarious time at the Cafe, we sure had a fabulous day. Thanks, Boyfriend - I sure love to be with you!

One last shot of the gorgeous Santa Barbara County Vineyards as we were driving home. Wow. What's amazing is that this photo isn't retouched in any way. What colors....

A big thanks to Chris & everyone at the Los Olivos Cafe
2879 Grand Avenue Los Olivos

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