Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My First Post!

I've been in the wine industry for close to a year now. I've learned a lot, I've met a lot of amazing people, and a lot of drinking has gone on!

Though we all go wine tasting and visit tasting rooms, many times we miss the backstory of the winery and the tasting room itself. And believe me, there's always a backstory :)

I decided to start this blog to tell the story of wine tasting rooms. The etiquette for folks visiting a tasting room (gratuities anyone?) including how to taste and what are some of the best wines out there. I also want to tell the story of my experiences - highlights of who I meet and the day to day of my life in a tasting room on the Westside of Paso Robles, CA Wine Country. I'll also make you envious of the crazy fun industry parties and free tastings at other wineries that come along as a benefit of being "industry." But beyond that, I want to tell the story of others on the front lines of the tasting rooms - the so-called "tasting room attendants." What is their story? Why are they there? What is their experience?

So join the on my journey to tell the story of the tasting room. With over 200 wineries in the Paso area, I'm sure to keep you amused.