Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Rose Rockoff - This Sat @ 15C!

Hi all,

So if you know me, you know that I've been hunting down the "best of the best" roses in the area since this spring. In fact, I'm sure most of you are sick of hearing "I need to taste that for my rose blog!" I know...I know.....Apologies as even I am tired of hearing it.

But really & truly, this has it been a lot of work! There's never enough time to really get to run around & try what I want, and certain wineries are only open limited hours, so it's been really hard to run around and get to try the roses. But after about 6 months, I've tried 35+ roses, and have picked my top 6. Drumroll please......

Well.....come to think.....yada yada - yeah, I'll do a blog about each of the roses and why I think they are so fabulous. Good. - but BORING! Can't I do more? Heck ya! So, I'm about to step it up a notch and keep the party going:

Now that I've picked these top six, I'm putting them up to the test of my fellow industry folks & friends. I'm hoping to have the "Fifteen @ 15C" - 15 friends from the industry who will blind taste these top 6 roses, and then pick the winner. ALL are winners in my eyes, yet at the same time, how fun to choose the best of the best!

So this Sat night at 7pm, on the back patio of 15C in Templeton, we'll be holding the "Rose Rockoff" in order to pick "The Best Rose in the Paso Area" - off of my standards, anyway :) What I love about this is that the panel will be made up of us "regular" tasting room folk who would never be asked to be part of a panel like this. Well this Saturday, we WILL be the panel - yay! This will be a lot of fun - and a great way to get us industry folks together for a mini-industry party. At the party, I'll reveal the top six roses from the area, but will follow up with a blog on it all - and the winner will get a special blog done on their winery.

So come one, come all! Join us Sat night @ about 7pm for a lot of fun. "The Rose Rockoff" - if you've seen the movie, Tenacious D, you'll know what I mean :)

1121 Rossi Road
Templeton - in the Trader Joe's shopping Center

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