Sunday, October 23, 2011

Last Burger Sunday of the Year - Why oh Why Does it have to End?

OMG - the incredible Jeff Scott supplied us with the most FABULOUS burgers every other Sunday all summer long for Burger Sundays. But alas, all good things must come to an end. "Sigh." But of course Sarah was there to capture every moment of the last Burger Sunday of the year - how could I miss it??? I was there in full force with my posse, drinking waaaay too much vino :)

First off, we order our burgers (Portabello mushroom burgers that Chef Jeff added not only onions to but wild blue berries to for sweetness - Chef Jeff, we LOVE you!) and we sit down at a picnic bench, only to find out that we're sitting at the "Tannat Table." OMG - it must be kismet as Tannat is my favorite grape of all time. Here's a photo of the Lone Madrone flier of the Tannat Table:

I haven't posted it yet - it's a total exclusive - but here's a photo of myself & Neil at a Burger Sunday earlier this sumer where we drank Tannat in the hot sun - proving that no matter what time, place or temperature, you can ALWAYS drink Tannat - you may pass out, but that's irrelevant. Too funny :)

Since it was a hot day, we started off drinking a nice old bottle of La Mezcia which is a blend of Grenache Blanc & Albarino. It's my favorite white that Neil makes as it s so bright & crisp - perfect for such a hot day!

For round two, Michelle got us a bottle of the Chenin Blanc, which is from 40 year old vines! It is a much "bigger" wine with a luscious, velvety mouthfeel. *Really* good with the burgers. And my goodness - the burgers were just amazing. I cannot think of one way to improve them further - Chef Jeff, you did it again!

The rest of this blog is "easy" as I'm just documenting my buddies for the day :) First off is Deb, my new BFF who is pouring wine for the first time ever! Doesn't she look like a natural? Way to go, Deb! Alongside her is my dear Amanda who works at Lone Madrone:

Then here's a photos of the band: Martin Parish Bands who rocked it for us all day:

Then here's a photos of my "crew" - my "best of the best girls" that keep me sane in the Paso area:

Left to right: Kathy - Sam's sister from OC, SAM - the Queen E.O of Cypher Wine, Michelle, the Marketing/Event Coordinator from 15C, and Lisa, my most favorite partner in crime in the bloggersphere :)

Then here's the gorgeous couple - Neil & Marci (Neil being the winemaker/owner of Lone Madrone):

And here's a photo of my posse all together:

So Sarah is used to bubbles and isn't used to "full on vino" - so I got a bit tipsy partaking in the four bottles that were brought to out table over the course of the afternoon. But that's what makes the last "Burger Sunday" of the year memorable - ahem. (Thankfully I was able to destroy the photos.) Now I just have to wait till next year's Burger Sunday's to start drinking white wine again as I'm dangerous. In the meantime, BUBBLES!!!!  :)

Lots of love to Neil, Marci & Jackie @ Lone Madrone!!! Thanks for the fabulous day - & the bottle of La Mezcia - my favorite white wine of yours :) Much appreciated!

Lone Madrone Winery
2485 Hwy 46 W
Paso Robles, CA

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