Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tasting Room Celebrity Owling!

Today Lindsay's (aka Tasting Room Celebrity's) sunglasses fell on the pavement and the lenses fell out. I immediately realized that this was the perfect opportunity for an Owling photo op. But alas, Lindsay was a wimp and didn't fully go for it - this was the best I could do to make her look like an owl:

Now for those of you who do not know what owling is: where on earth have you been? I mean, my goodness, owling is the most important thing happening out there in the world today!

Here's the history: first there was planking. People laid down in random places looking like a plank, photo was taken, it was put on the web and went viral. But alas, now planking is passe as it was replaced by leisure diving (my personal favorite.) People do fully staged scenes diving into pools but looking as natural as possible - it's hilarious. Leisure diving even has it's own formal website: Please check it out for a good laugh.

But now, now there is owling. Wikipedia says, "Owling is the practice of crouching "like an owl" in unusual places." Here's an article about it with photos: DailyMail

I'm sure you can understand my distress when I asked Lindsay to owl and all she did was fluff her wings. Oy vey!

But my favorite owler of all is my dear rescued rooster, Mr. Rooster (clever name, eh?) Here's a photo of the master himself:

Lindsay - you've been outdone by a rooster! Shame on you..... tee hee :)

And woo hoo! We're getting close to 2,500 page views! Boyfriend & I are planning to break open a bottle of Anselmann Sparkling German Riesling on Monday night @ 15C to celebrate! Help us get to the 2,500 mark to make our celebration honest :)

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