Monday, August 15, 2011

2,500 Page View Celebration - Not So Much...

Well, we went to 15C to break open a bottle Anselmann and there was something just not right with the bottle. It wasn't corked, but everyone agreed that it wasn't right. So... Miss Stephanie (from the fabulous Broadside, Giornatta & Il Campo Labels) suggested we try Adami Prosecco as it was so crisp, tangy & tart. We did and were very happy with our celebration bubbles. Here's Boyfriend with our dear Stephanie:

Here's a close-up on the Prosecco:

And here's me, celebrating this small accomplishment - woo hoo!

And lucky me, my buddy, Lindsay who is now the fabulous Tasting Room Manager for Thatcher Vineyards showed up with her beau, Nick and we all celebrated with bubbles! Bubbles are kinda our thing....

But embarrassingly I tipped over a glass which broke, and as we were cleaning it up, Boyfriend also tipped over his glass and broke it s well! Oy vey! Time to go home, apparently! Not sure what happened, but it was one for the record books :)

Through it all, we still celebrated 2,500 page views! Thanks to all of you who looked at this little blog! We'll celebrate again at 5,000 page views - woo hoo!

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