Saturday, August 13, 2011

L'Aventure Rose

I work at a winery that lets folks who sell wine for them stay on the property as a "thank you." Hence, here comes Chuck & Jenny to stay for the weekend - Chuck works for Titan Distributors down in Southern California & he sells tons of wine.

So today, Chuck was headed down to L'Aventure to do some wine tasting as he sells the L'Aventure vino. I mentioned - "Hey, please check out the GSM rose as I haven't had it yet." Chuck countered, "I have had it as I sell it and it is FABULOUS. I'll bring you back a bottle." What?

Sure enough, Chuck comes back and delivers a bottle of the L'Aventure Cote A Cote GSM Rose into my hands - what a guy! I was thrilled as Boyfriend and I have been wanting to get over to L'Aventure to try it but haven't had the chance.

But alas...poor Boyfriend didn't get a chance to try it as we all killed it in the tasting room before I made it home - woo hoo! :) OMG - this rose was amazing. It's Mourvedre based GSM rose that is still light on the palate and doesn't have the earthy, heavy, barnyard quality that so many Mourvedre based roses have. I'd go on about all the details except for the fact that Boyfriend & I are planning to hit L'Aventure on Monday to try all of their wine & I will blog about it, + I'm about to post my blog on roses and this wine will surely be featured.

In the meantime, Here's a photo of the generous Mr. Chuck with his gorgeous wife, Jenny:

Notice my new haircut & color? Isn't it fabulous? That should be a blog post all on it's own - but let's just say that Danica @ Bluebird Salon in SLO rocks!

Back to the vino - here's the bottle of the Cote A Cote Rose:

I simply adore L'Aventure wines. I ponder, why can't all wines be this good? As I've said on this blog before, "Damn you, Stephan! You have ruined my palate! I now judge all wines by your marker." Soooo looking forward to Monday & catching up with the folks @ L'Aventure.

In the meantime, Au Revoir! & a BIG thanks to Chuck & Jenny for the rose :)

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