Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Kai Lana Sushi

Ok. Boyfriend & I go to Kai Lana in Atascadero probably twice a week. We're complete addicts. It's actually a little embarrassing as when we leave they all say, "See you tomorrow!" Right.......

So our faves @ Kai Lana are the Spicy Tuna Tempura roll (spicy tuna deep fried), the hungry roll (spicy tuna with salmon deep fried) & the popcorn roll (deep fried lobster over spicy tuna) - all of which have the common theme of being deep friend in some sort of way...Oh Yeah....

But...alas...I noticed my waistband getting a little tight as of late. Oh dear, time to cut back. So Boyfriend & I were looking at the menu when the waiter suggested that we try the Japanese spring roll - a spring roll but in sushi form! We were intrigued and had to order. Here's what it looked like - isn't it gorgeous?

So healthy & light. I could eat 10 of these at once and still lose weight - woo hoo!

Here's Boyfriend's vote of approval:

So yes this roll was good, but was it s good as the deep fried rolls? Well...........

We heart Kai Lana! We'll be back - hopefully 20 lbs. lighter :)

Though this blog doesn't have anything to do with wine, sushi is ALWAYS blog wothy in my book :)

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