Saturday, July 16, 2011

Toasting the New Tasting Room!

So today was our true first day in our "new & improved" tasting room @ Halter Ranch. We're all moved in and though we're finalizing little details (like buying gorgeous teak furniture for the patio & canvas photos for the walls) basically, it's done - yay!

Anyway, yada yada yada, it was a good first day but it became much better when Seth, our fabulous tasting room manager broke out some beautiful Pinot Noir bubbles to celebrate our move into the new tasting room (as well as to pay us back for all of the craziness we went through over the last 6 weeks.....but with bubbles like these, it was all worth it!)

The bottle was Lucien Albrecht, Cremant D'Alsace Brut Rose. Typically pinot bubbles can carry a type of earthiness that I just don't like. Thankfully this Brut Rose was light on the palate, very clean with good fruit, & no earthiness. Boy Lindsay (we have three Lindsays! You have to understand why we call him "Boy Lindsay" to try to keep things straight....) said that there was a lot of stone fruit to it i..e. a lot of pear - which made it an absolutely fabulous porch pounder on nice warm evening :)

So here's a photo of the whole staff (except me as I was taking the photo) on Saturday toasting the new tasting room:

Pictured left to right: Cathy, Lindsay P. Lindsay J., Seth & Lindsay B. Three out of five being Lindsays is pretty impressive. Are all Lindsays planning to infiltrate the wine industry & dominate the world together? Just asking :)

I'm thankful we didn't smash the champagne bottle of the side of the building as folks do when they christen a new ship. That would have been wrong! No bubbles in the glass to drink, just those that I would have had to lick off the sidewalk......

Cheers to the new tasting room!


  1. Thanks for a great tasting! In fact I'm planning to do a blog about it. And I like your blog!

    Wishing you continued success...Martin

  2. Thanks, Martin! It was great to meet you & your wife too! I'll be sure to check out your blog as well.

    Best to you - Sarah :)