Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Taco Tuesday!

So on a tasting room attendant's salary, it's hard to get a chance to go out on the town for a big party night. I mean come on folks, it would take a whole day's paycheck just to pay for dinner. But $2.50 tacos @ the fabulous Villa Creek, yeah baby. It's about time boyfriend & I had a night out on the town!

So after work, Mr. Bossman, Seth, Sarah & I went to a "costumer service training" at Adelaida Cellars, put on by the San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce. A big thanks to Pati & Adelaida for hosting the event! During the talk though, Sarah & I were having too much fun cracking jokes and getting the giggles. Pati at one point came over and jokingly said she would have to separate us - oops! Sorry Miss Pati - but we were having waaay too much fun :)

Sarah & I didn't want the fun to end, so afterward we headed over to Villa Creek for Taco Tuesday. It was an absulotely gorgeous night. Though we were inside, they opened us all of the doors so that we were basically outside, able to feel the warm summer breeze. What a beautiful setting.

So here's the first photo of the night - from left to right: my fabulous co-worker, Sarah, then Vanessa (tasting room manager at Paolillo Winery) & Jackie, who is tasting room staff, also at Paolillo.

It was awesome getting the chance to get to know Vanessa a little bit. We both love animals and do animal rescue - I work with Cocks (roosters!) and she works with horses. We're had a ball chatting and found out that we are definitely kindred spirits.

Not the best photo but here's the scene outside @ Villa Creek:

the night simply would not have been complete without Mr. Bobby Fox showing up - thankfully he did! I was so happy to see him I had to give him a kiss - I think I may have scared him a bit - HA! :)

So Sarah @ I work together at Halter. Sarah & Sarah - we call ourselves "Sarah Squared." I was joking that like the "Power of Three," "Sarah Squared" is a force that shouldn't be messed with! We are powerful beyond measure :)

I had to get a shot of the whole group, and just smiling hardly makes it to the blog anymore. So I yelled at folks to do something crazy, and scream "Save the Cocks!" at the same time (all to promote my rooster rescue of course.) And here's what we got - with Boyfriend being the craziest of all!

The night got even better when folks from 15C started to arrive. It was Karlie's birthday and people were out celebrating! Here's a shot of Bobby with the awesome Robin from 15C:

And here's the birthday girl herself: my "Viva La Vouvray" Karlie along with Mr. T - Tajin who works both at 15C and also at Cypher Winery.  

I just love being able to go out on the town for the night and be able to run into so many great friends while just going to get something to eat. That's what a love about Paso & the Wine industry here - everyone knows everyone so it's all like a big family!

Happy Birthday, Miss Karlie - Boyfriend & I are glad we go to hang with you on your b-day.

Long live Taco Tuesdays!!

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