Thursday, July 14, 2011

2000 Page Views!

So yesterday I got on the blog and realized that I was at 1886 page views - almost to 2000 - woo hoo! We immediately poured glasses of Schramsberg for ourselves as a "pre-party" celebration. I know for other bloggers out there, 2,000 page views is nothing. But for me with this little wine blog, I'm thrilled to have so many people peeking at my ramblings! So yes, I definitely had to celebrate :) And yes, we HAD to do a "pre" 2000 page view celebration to prepare for the "real" 2000 page view celebration. It was totally necessary.

Here's a photo of tasting Room Celebrity and I sharing the 2007 Blanc de Blanc Schramsberg bubbles that we just happened to have "lying around" at work:

Then today I got on the blog to see where we were at, and the number popped up; 1999. Really? Truly! I am not lying. I did not stage this. It really was 1,999!

So my fabulous Boss Man, Seth took over the computer to refresh the screen, and bring it to the magical 2,000:

I had brought more bubbles to celebrate the momentous occasion (I need very little excuse to open bubbles, as you may already know about me....) but we ended up being so busy all day we couldn't break them open. That's OK as I ended up bringing the bubbles home for Boyfriend & I to share tonight - we get to keep it for ourselves - yay! The bottle is by Blason - Cremant de Bourgogne - Brut Rose. Seth had recommended it and it is a pretty darn nice bottle of bubbles - all for about $10 a Trader Joe's (that's at least within a tasting room girl's budget!)

A big thanks to all of you who read my blog - I never would have made 2000 page views without you! And a special shout out to Charlie from Tablas Creek. He was one of the first to start following my blog after he was featured in the Tablas Creek Industry Party Blog. I ran into him at the Venteux Industry Party and he knew all about my life - that I was now working at Halter Ranch, etc. etc. I said "How do you know that?" He said, "Duh - your blog!" Thanks, Mr. Charlie. I really appreciate that you were one of the first to start following this little crazy blog.

So I'm already planning the 2500 page view party. I'm thinking Anselmann Sparkling German Riesling or Veuve Clicquot...or maybe we could have a mini industry party @ 15c. Hmmmm...we need to make something out of this, just because. Ideas?

Cheers, all!

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