Monday, June 27, 2011

"Save the Cocks!" Crashed Burger Sundays @ Lone Madrone

Shameless plug: Boyfriend and I crashed Burger Sundays at Lone Madrone this past Sunday, all to promote our rooster rescue, "Save the Cocks!" Check out the blog on the event HERE.


Viva la Vouvray!

Boyfriend and I were at 15C the other night, having a little food. While we're hanging out, out of the blue, the most wonderful Carly pours us a little vino in a glass. "What on Earth is this?" we ask. She answers that it's her new, favorite wine that Ali just started carrying at the shop. It's called Vouvray, and it's a Chenin Blanc from France - Appellation Vouvray Controlee (yes, whatever that means!)

My God, we were just amazed at the wine. It is the epitome of everything I would ever hope for in a white wine. Now I used to be a Sauvingnon Blanc from New Zealand girl (I should have bought stock in Kim Crawford, given how much of that wine I drank) but now I find my palate is changing. New Zealand Sauvingnon Blancs can be too harsh for me now. The grassiness that I used to love now bothers me. That's why the Vouvray has me on my knees. It is gorgeously perfect. In fact, I loved it so much, Miss Carly poured out the rest of her bottle for us - how kind is that? As she said, "That's what good wine is all about. Sharing with friends over good conversation." No wonder I always go back to 15C again and again.

So while talking to Carly about it, we found that she only had one bottle left! Ali had only gotten a few bottles just to give it a try - and Carly bought up a few of them :) But there was one left, and at the price point of $15, we had to nab it. (No worries though folks, Ali already has more in stock as the wine was such a hit.)

So we brought it home, and since today was a hot day, we decided to crack the vino open tonight to see if it was as good as we remembered. And yes, oh yes, it was. It it literally creamy & silky on the palate. I don't think I've ever had a white wine that was so smooth. It is pure apricots and peaches, with a tad of sweetness, though not overly sweet in any way. I've had quite a few Chenin Blancs and most have fallen short for me, but this wine is the epitome of what I think a white wine should be, and a gorgeous display of what Chenin Blanc can achieve. Yeah, you can maybe tell that I like this wine :)

On the back of the bottle, it says that the wine was made my Jean-Claude Pichot. He produced the wine in the family tradition, which dates back all the way to 1774! Daniel Haas of Vineyard Brands apparently found this wine and had it imported to the U.S. I now just have to find Daniel Haas so that I can give him a hug, thanking him for bringing this wine to me - HA!

So I highly recommend that y'all call Ali or Carly @ 15C in Templeton, CA and have them save (or send) you a bottle of Vouvray. Boyfriend doesn't love white wines but on this one he is totally sold, which means a lot - so I'm placing bets that you'll like it too!

And I have to say how touched I am that Carly shared this wine with us. If she hadn't, I never would have picked this wine off the shelf to try it. I simply would not have had any idea that it would be a good find. I appreciate Carly so much that we went back to do a photo op of her and I with the bottle! Thanks, my dear Carly. 15C is lucky to have you!


Friday, June 24, 2011

Venteux Industry Party!

So my brother the schoolteacher made the astute point that my blog should have more educational info mixed in along with the stories of my personal life as well as the parties. Now I completely agree with that - he's absolutely right. Part of the reason I've been light on the educational part is because I just started a new job, I've been short on time, etc. etc. So though I have a few educational blogs that I have in my back pocket (including the one on the new women winemakers of California website - coming soon!) tonight I throw all caution to the wine and say, "No educational blogs allowed! We're focusing on the Venteux industry party because, well, it was one heck of a party!"

The folks @ Venteux are always known for throwing really great industry parties. Now it's the first industry party of theirs that I've been too, and it definitely did not disappoint. They were even advertising this party on the radio, inviting industry folks to come - & boy, did they ever! There were tons of people there and it was so great being able to check up with so many people that I knew.

First off, Boyfriend & I were greeted by Jenny, who helped us the first time we ever tasted at Venteux. Great news for her: she's now the tasting room manager. Yay! Congrats, Jenny! I'm so happy for you :) Here is Jenny (pictured right) with Tawney, who was Jenny's sidekick for the night. Aren't the ladies gorgeous?

Then we meandered into the new tasting room which is located in a large old barn on the Venteux property. Of course, who else was there but my buddy, Bobby Fox. Of course I yelled out, "Bobby Fox!" as it's just too cool of a name. I mean really, how can you ever forget that name?  He usually yells back, "Sarah Jessica!" which I'll happily take on :)  

So here's a photo of Bobby with his buddy Glenn, pictured behind the bar, pouring for all of us crazy industry folks. Now I'm getting a little bored of people just smiling for a photo (Stormy: you ruined me with all of you crazy antics in pictures!) so I was trying to get the guys to do something crazy. This is the best they could do - with Glenn snuggling up to Mr. Bobby Fox. Quite darling, boys :) (Bobby on left, Glenn on the right)

After a little wine, Boyfriend got into the long ass food line to get us some food. Literally, the line must have lasted a couple blocks! Lucky me got to be the social butterfly until the last second, when I cut into the line with Boyfriend to get my food. (Yes, I'm one of the horribly annoying people....) But here's a close up of the buffet line:

And here's a photo of my dear friend Laura who works at Clayhouse Wines in Paso. She's serving up some of the amazing mac & cheese that I heard was zero fat and extremely low calorie.

So we sat down to eat our food and listened to the great music - though man, it was loud! But that's OK as everyone loved it. What always makes the headlines of the Venteux industry party is that the band plays their music off the back of an old pick-up truck. Here's a glimpse of the set up:

While we were hanging out enjoying the evening, I was lucky enough to run into two of my old buddies from Cypher Winery: Mike & T. Yes, his name is really T. Well, I should mention, short for Tajin. They were hanging out with one of my new buddies, Shannon, the winemaker for Rangeland Wines. You'll definitely be hearing more about her in the next blog post which will focus on women winemakers.

But again, I needed a cool photo of the group, and this is what Mt. T came up with:

So now we're tired and heading out of the party, only to run into my dear boss man, Seth, from Halter Ranch. He showed up on the later side with his girlfriend Zina, who looked like a gorgeous Greek Goddess! They had been celebrating Evan's birthday - Evan works at Brochelle winery where they were also holding an industry party last night. So on my way out the door, I told then I needed a crazy shot - smiling wasn't good enough! And here's what my dear Zina came up with on the fly:

Woo hoo guys! I just love this shot :)

A big thanks to Jenny & everyone @ Venteux for holding such a grand industry party. I just want to say how kind that is of you guys and how much we all appreciated it. You're the best!

1795 Las Tablas Road Templeton, CA

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Pinot & Paella After Party!

I know, I know - this is the blog that you've REALLY been waiting for in my four part Pinot & Paella blog "series." I hope I don't disappoint :)

After leaving the party, we headed over to SAM's house (you should know her by now, one of the owners of Cypher winery.) We were there snacking on Farmstand 46 mac & cheese (I kept telling myself, "No, there's no fat in this. It's really quite low calorie.")

Then of course SAM did what SAM always does: She pulls out a crazy game for us to play, just to mix it up so that we all have fun. This time it was Jenga. We actually kept the game going so long we were all like, "Please crash! We need to go to the party!" Here it is right before we finally killed it:

Then we cruised over to Windward Vineyards where the Pinot & Paella Festival "After Party" was being held. Woo hoo! (Hey folks - remember for next year: You have to BE INVITED to this party. Don't be trying to crash the after party next year because of this blog or I will hunt you down...)

This is the gorgeous afternoon light over the vineyard as we arrived:

We walked in to see Christian (the other owner of Cypher Winery) hanging out & chatting it up with Mr. Hip Marc Windward himself:

Now above the bar at Windward is the below wood carving. This image is used as the "logo" on the Windward wines. An artist did it for Marc & Maggie - it's like a combination of a wine God, a wind God, inspired by a certain wine owner :)

By chance, does the wood carving look like anyone familiar?

Marc is actually holding a very special bottle. He had been to dinner at the house of someone with a massive wine collection. The man asked what wine Marc would like with dinner, and Marc (jokingly) said, "Well, of course any Old Burgundy would do." The man went down to his cellar and brought up a 1980 Romannee-Conti! Marc almost hit the floor. Not only was this a 1980 Burgundy, but it is from an extremely small producer - not many bottles of this wine are out there. It was an *amazing* experience for Marc to be able to drink the wine as he has always wanted to try it. Marc said, "It was absolutely fabulous." For me personally, I think the best part of the story was when the man said, "I have a few of them." Marc almost hit the floor again! What a great friend to have, Marc - HA!

Marc was able to keep the bottle and has it in a special case behind the bar at Windward. He of course loved getting a photo shoot with his special bottle :)

Here's the scene at the party:

As well as a shot of all of the wines being served, thanks to all of the folks who attended the event:

Here's a gorgeous shot of Marc & Maggie of Windward Vineyards - the two that helped start this whole Pinot & Paella event to begin with:

And lastly, here's a shot of my main crew: (from left to right) Marc, SAM, Stormy (SAM's hilarious beau) and Michelle:

Now I know y'all want to know more about the details of this party - How many tequila shots did SAM have? Who drank the dump bucket? (Oh yeah, that's right - there wasn't a dump bucket. No one was wasting these wines....) But you know what? I'm taking a stand here: What happens at Windward, stays at Windward. Believe me, I have plenty of crazy photos that no one will see but me...unless you want to pay me bucko bucks for them, then I'd be more than happy to let you see them. Just call me.

In the end, the best paella for the Pinot & Paella event (as voted on by the public) was by Maegan from The Neon Carrot. Now she was already out of food when we arrived so Boyfriend & I never got to taste her paella. That said, she and I chatted it up at the after party, and soon, I'll be going down to the Neon Carrot in San Luis Obispo so that I can do a blog on Maegan and her restaurant. (This will be on my "What's Hot in Paso" Blog - although, technically it would be, "What's Hot in SLO" - although it never really gets very hot in SLO.....) So though I've failed you for now, I will make up for it one day :)

Hooray for the Pinot & Paella Event! And a big thanks to Anna @ Windward for giving Boyfriend & I the media passes as well as helping me out with details on this blog :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Pinot & Paella - Part 3

As I left off in my last post: After hanging out with Chef Charlie & the Chefs representing Pier 46, we then spotted Matt & Shaun from Luna Red in San Luis Obispo. What attracted us to their booth was that there was a huge BBQ fire pit with tons of coals (gave off quite a bit of heat but perfect for the cool day that it was) and that's where they were cooking their paella dish. Wow, how fun is that? Here's Mr. Matt, braving the heat to stir the paella dish:

So Chef Shaun & I started talking about everything that's going on @ Luna Red - including the fact that they are shaking their menu up a bit - turning towards doing more of a tapas menu while also continuing their traditional dinner menu.

Now most folks know that Luna Red is the third restaurant owned by Chef Robbin - he also owns NOVO in SLO & Robbin's in Cambria. All three of these restaurants are totally committed to true sustainability - meaning getting their produce from local, organic farms and using meat that is only raised by humane methods, no matter what the price. Matt is even in charge of a new program where he is going to go out in the field (literally) looking for farmers that would be willing to farm sustainably for the three restaurants as getting enough true, local food is always a difficult task.

You could tell Matt & Shaun were so passionate on this subject. In fact, Shaun said he had just switched his info on Twitter to say, "I have a responsibility to feed people ethically."

Now their passion got my attention "big time." As I've mentioned before on this blog, I founded a rooster rescue, "Save the Cocks!" which helps place pet roosters that get stuck in humane societies because they have no where else to go. I'm mostly vegetarian/vegan as I know more than I want to know about the factory farm system. That said, after talking to Shaun and hearing about their approach to ethical farming, I wanted to know more. So soon I'll be going down to Luna Red (as well as NOVO & Robbin's) so that we can do an in depth blog on this subject. This will all be for my, "What's Hot in Paso" blog (and surrounding areas, of course!) - coming soon. I'll be sure to highlight it when it is posted.

Here's a photo of Shaun & Matt's gorgeous paella dish while still cooking:

And here's a photo of me with my new buddy, Chef Shaun:

Do you see the HUGE lemons around the paella dish? There was a fabulous lemon flavor infused into the dish that made the paella so bright & tangy. This was by far my favorite paella dish of all as I found it extra flavorful. Great job, Shaun & Matt! I look forward to blogging about you two again soon :)

After getting stuffed from eating so much paella, we started to wander around the rest of the festival to check out the great pinots. Here's a glimpse of the scene:

OK folks - here is where I apologize: At this point I started to lose focus on really going from wine booth to wine booth to blog about who was there - but only because I was running into so many friends! I was out chatting it up with so many folks that I lost track of time and well, you know, failed horribly as a blogger. That said, I did spend A LOT of time - probably too much time - at the Adelaida Cellars booth drinking their Vin Gris de Pinot as well as their '07 & '08 Pinots. Here's a shot of Pati, the fabulous Adelaida Tasting Room Manager looking totally gorgeous:

From there I wandered over to the Calcareous booth to visit with Christie, the Tasting Room Manager. They were pouring their "Twisted Sisters" Pinot so of course I had to drag my buddy SAM (Susan A. Mahler) over. We call ourselves "The Twisted Sisters" after our Twister match on Christmas Eve (yes, the old colored dots game Twister. Really, SAM?) I have to admit, she totally kicked my ass :) Can you believe I didn't get a shot of us with the Twisted Sisters bottle? SAM - we're going to have do get together and do a photo shoot soon - HA!

Then I was lucky enough to run into Dani, from Tablas Creek as well as her friend Jenny from Le Vigne Winery. These gorgeous ladies had volunteered to help with the set up, break down & clean up for the event - but in the meantime were running around, having a great time. It was so great to catch up with Dani and no nice to finally meet Jenny as I had heard great things about her.

So that's the end of my blog on the Pinot & Paella Event itself - though the next blog will be all about the fabulous after party at Marc & Maggie Windward's Vineyard Property. Here's a sneak peak of the action:

Will Stormy survive? (Yes, that's his name.) Will SAM be cuffed & hauled off to jail? Tune in for my next blog post to find out :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pinot & Paella - Part 2

On to Part 2 of covering the fabulous Pinot & Paella Event held in Templeton park last Sunday. Here we go!

After bugging the folks at the 15C booth over and over again for multiple glasses of Pinot cava, I finally meandered around to get more paella. I heard from Marc Windward himself that I should go check out the Pier 46 booth as they had a chef from Madrid cooking the paella. Now how authentic is that?

Here's the master Spanish Chef, Francesco Barroso, along with his chef sidekick Jason Shorrock. These fabulous guys let Boyfriend & I hang out with them behind the scenes, watching them cook this amazing dish.

And here's the Spaniard himself, lost in his art of cooking:

Now this paella was actually black as they put squid in it, and the squid ink colored the rice black. I have to admit I was a little creeped out at first! That said, Jason talked about how the squid and other fish (including clams, prawns & even octopus) totally infused the rice with a rich seafood flavor. And boy did it ever!

Look at this gorgeous creation right before it was about to be served:

Not only were Francisco & Jason making the above fabulous dish for the public, they made a paella dish just for them & all of the folks at Pier 46. Look at this creation:

I wanted in on this dish so I started begging everyone @ Pier 46 for a job! They caught on to me and proceeded to kick me out before I devoured their private paella :) Just kidding, of course, (Well, kinda.....)

Now onto Chef Charlie! This was the first time I met this amazing man. Remember, Chef Charlie was part of the original group of generous souls who started the Pinot & Paella event 8 years ago. His catering company is in Atascadero - and he has quite the reputation! Since I'm in the wine industry, I've heard lots of folks chatting about what an amazing chef he is - so I was so excited to be able to try his fare.

Here's the man himself as we walked up upon him. He was pouring abalone into the paella dish, pound by pound. Since abalone is currently going for about $100 per pound, he was saying, "Here goes $100! Here goes another $100!" All the way up to $400 worth of abalone - wow!

Here's the dish cooking with all the abalone added on top:

Not only did Chef Charlie use abalone, he used many pounds of clams!

I mean, how much was this paella worth - $1,000? Quite possibly so. And wow - was it amazing. So flavorful with a beautiful balance of veggies, seafood and rice. Obviously this man knows what he's doing. And rightly so, since he was one of the first to launch Pinot & Paella in the first place.

A big thanks to Chef Charlie, as well as Francisco & Jason from Pier 46. I think everyone can tell from the photos what masterpieces you created for the PInot & Paella event - we all thank you!

Next blog: The amazing sustainable hero Shaun from Luna Red & more!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Pinot & Paella Festival! - Part 1 of 2 -no 3 - yes 4!

This is my first post as a "media person" (or as I like to say, "media celebrity," but I digress...) so the pressure is on! I better hit this blog post out of the park. Actually, I better not hit it out of the park as the event was held in the park (Templeton Park, that is) and well, that's where the wine is/was/& will be again so I want to make sure that I'm there :)

The Pinot & Paella Festival! Isn't the idea just fabulous??? It all started about eight years ago by a few wine & foodie folks (Marc & Maggie Windward of Windward Vineyards,  Phillip from Asuncton Ridge Vineyards & Chef Charlie to name a few...) They wanted to hold a food & wine pairing event that focused on Pinot as the wine - and they decided to go with paella for the food dishes as there are literally endless creations of paella that can be made (plus I'm sure the "pinot & paella" lingo just sounded cool...)

All of this was brought together to benefit a good cause: The Local Youths Performing Arts. Especially in this economy, can you imagine how needed this is? With schools having to cut their music & arts programs, the Pinot & Paella event helps bring funds to local kids so that they can still pursue their talents & dreams. In fact, the event usually brings in $15,000 - $20,000 - that makes a huge difference in our community. A big "Thanks!" to all who started this event. Not only do we all get to have a fabulous day out drinking perfect pinots & sampling gourmet paellas, we get to help support our local youth. Bravo!

But I must say an even bigger "THANKS" to everyone who came out to support the event. The event sold out this year - yay! Over 600 people attended. It wouldn't have been the success it was without all of the support of our local community so thanks for coming out for the kids.

Now onto the details!

Boyfriend & I were so excited to be able to go as we've heard all about how amazing the event is - and now we were finally here!

How appropriate that the first person we ran into was the fabulous Marc Windward of  Windward Vineyard, one of the founders of this event. Now Marc & his wife Maggie are some of the coolest, hippest & kindest people in the area. I've gotten to know them by hanging out with them at 15C, and then always going to their tasting room & drinking all of their wine. I think at this point they say, "Here comes Sarah again - oy vey!"

So above & to the right is a photo of me with Marc, the handsome devil. Boyfriend was a little jealous - but only because he wasn't in the photo with Mr. Hip Marc :)

Now Marc & Maggie are some of the luckiest winery owners in the area as they have Anna as their fabulous Tasting Room Manager. The first time I met Anna is when I was working at Robert Hall Winery. She & her friend Cathy from Fratelli Perata came in to wine taste - and Anna was kind enough to bring us a bottle of Windward Pinot! Of course as far as I was concerned, we were then instant friends - HA! We've always stayed in touch since & she recently became my new "Best Facebook Friend Forever."

Anna is now married to Marc Tognazzini - awesome last name, right? Mrs. Tognazzini. Say that 10 times fast :) They recently got married at Windward in front of the vineyards - simply gorgeous wedding (I stalked all of her pictures on Facebook.) Marc's family owns Tognazzini's Dockside Restaurant & Fish Market in Morro Bay. Not only do they have the restaurant right along the ocean with live music on the patio every day, they also do catering for parties & events. I haven't had the chance to eat there yet but have only heard fabulous reviews on the place. I peeked at their yummy menu - dungeness crab melt anyone?

All the folks from Dockside were there in full force to help support the pinot & paealla event. And we were lucky, Tognazzini's paella was the first that we got to sample - what a way to start the day! Here's the fabulous photo:

Look at those lobster & clam shells - wow! The fun part about the Tognazzini booth is that they served their paella in HUGE oyster shells. Check out the photo below:

What an experience! Really beautiful food, balanced with the right amount of spices & seafood. Great job, Dockside!!

I wanted to dig right in but we realized we had no pinot to go with our paella. How to solve this problem? Crash the 15C booth where they were serving Pinot Noir Cava Bubbles - Sweet! What a great way to start our wine tasting day!

Here is the gorgeous Michelle (my dear friend who helped me get into the wine industry in the first place - with her Aussie Husband, Stew in the background) opening a bottle of the Pinot Cava at the 15C booth.

Chef Robbie @ 15C is making quite the name for himself. He's been mixing it up on Tapas Nights (Thursday nights) @ 15C - coming up with items such as lobster mac & cheese. Well today, he really blew me away! Here's his interpretation of paella:

And here's Mr. Man himself, above his fabulous creation:

Robbie's paella & the 15C Pinot Cava was such a hit, there was the line in front of the both:

THANK GOD I'm a "media celebrity" (in my own mind, anyway) as well as an obsessive regular at 15C - so I got to bypass the line & get my Pinot Cava when needed. Whew. Otherwise I might have had a panic attack!

So to be honest, I had thought this blog would be Part 1 of 2 but it has become part 1 of 4 already, and who knows, it may become part 1 of 15! There is so much to cover about this Pinot & Paella Event, but it's time to call it a night. So we will start again as soon as possible - I know many folks are out there waiting for the "after party" photos!

Until we meet again.....

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Pinot & Paella!

Boyfriend & I were fortunate enough to be able to attend the Pinot & Paella event today at the Templeton Community Park. We had a ball! But I'm a wee bit tipsy (& worn out from the after party!) to for the full blog on it - much more coming soon!!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

My First Saturday @ Halter!

OK folks - sorry - not too much to tell about today. It was rainy, cold & windy outside - a totally crazy Saturday in June in the Paso Robles area. Overall, we were pretty busy over the course of the day - & sadly too busy to break open the bottle of Cava I brought to celebrate my first Saturday at Halter - bummer...but no worries, towards the end of the day, when there were only three of us, I cracked open the bottle with the loud "Champagne pop!" to mark this milestone in my life :)

Here's the gorgeous Linsday (one of THREE Lindsays that work in the tasting room now) modeling beside the beautiful orange & white bottle of Cava.

And here is Lindsay (again) along with Cathy (the assistant tasting room manager/former tasting room manager/& partner in crime for loving the varietal tannat) toasting with the Cava - & you can see Buddy the cat in the arms of Lindsay.

So a short & sweet post, but I just want to say: After wrapping up my first week of working @ Halter, I want to say how absolutely thankful I am that I landed this job and I so appreciate what a wonderful place this is to work - and I love being able to work with such fabulous people. I totally won the lotto!!!

So now I think we'll start a tradition at the end of every Saturday: Bubbles Galore!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

My First Thursday @ Halter!

So today was my third day at Halter, and I have to say how much fun I've had as quite a few people I know have stopped by to taste! Yesterday, Chris & Michelle (from my visit to Chamisal) stopped by to Halter  - for the first time ever - to wine taste. We had a fabulous reunion - and they were joking that they were psychically picking up that I was in the area and I drew them into Halter. We had a ball :) Then Don Hofer, the owner of Kiler Canyon Vineyard (upcoming blog on Don coming soon!) stopped by with a  group of folks for a wine tasting/vineyard tour. It was so fun to see him again.

Then today, Marie from Pomar Junction stopped by - yay! It's been 9 months since I've seen Marie - I have so missed her! This was quite a treat. She & her friend, Elizabeth were out & about doing some business, as well as doing a little wine tasting, getting to know all the wines in the area. We were chatting it up, having a great time, & then we started talking about the roosters!

Pomar Junction holds "Train Wrecks" the last Friday of the month throughout the summer. Train Wrecks are big parties at the winery - good food, good music & of course, good wine!

Since Pomar Junction has a wine called, "The Brooster" with a rooster on the label, we've been wanting to do some cross marketing for their winery & my rooster rescue site, "Save the Cocks!" So hopefully for one of these upcoming the Train Wrecks, Boyfriend and I will descend upon Pomar with our 'roo who looks like The Brooster, and we'll for sure be wearing our "Save the Cocks" t-shirts :) I'll let you know when & where.

Here's a photo of us, toasting with the Halter Rose', having a ball!

And by the way, a big thanks to Elizabeth for your ideas on the Save the Cock Campaign - I just may be taking you up on them :)

Towards the end of the day, the sweetest couple - Julie & Steve from Burbank, Ca - came in to wine taste. My goodness - did I spend a fun afternoon with them! They were so sweet, saying that I made their tasting room experience fabulous when in actuality, it was because they were so fabulous that I was the one who had the best time. I just had to include them on this blog as they have been the highlight of the week for me! I call them "The Porch Pounders" as they loved our white wines, and are more then willing to pound through a few bottles on a hot afternoon in my honor! It kinda became the theme of our tasting experience :)

Here's a photo of the lovely couple:

Thanks, Guys! I'm so glad you stopped by - and welcome to the Halter Family!!!