Thursday, June 2, 2011

My First Thursday @ Halter!

So today was my third day at Halter, and I have to say how much fun I've had as quite a few people I know have stopped by to taste! Yesterday, Chris & Michelle (from my visit to Chamisal) stopped by to Halter  - for the first time ever - to wine taste. We had a fabulous reunion - and they were joking that they were psychically picking up that I was in the area and I drew them into Halter. We had a ball :) Then Don Hofer, the owner of Kiler Canyon Vineyard (upcoming blog on Don coming soon!) stopped by with a  group of folks for a wine tasting/vineyard tour. It was so fun to see him again.

Then today, Marie from Pomar Junction stopped by - yay! It's been 9 months since I've seen Marie - I have so missed her! This was quite a treat. She & her friend, Elizabeth were out & about doing some business, as well as doing a little wine tasting, getting to know all the wines in the area. We were chatting it up, having a great time, & then we started talking about the roosters!

Pomar Junction holds "Train Wrecks" the last Friday of the month throughout the summer. Train Wrecks are big parties at the winery - good food, good music & of course, good wine!

Since Pomar Junction has a wine called, "The Brooster" with a rooster on the label, we've been wanting to do some cross marketing for their winery & my rooster rescue site, "Save the Cocks!" So hopefully for one of these upcoming the Train Wrecks, Boyfriend and I will descend upon Pomar with our 'roo who looks like The Brooster, and we'll for sure be wearing our "Save the Cocks" t-shirts :) I'll let you know when & where.

Here's a photo of us, toasting with the Halter Rose', having a ball!

And by the way, a big thanks to Elizabeth for your ideas on the Save the Cock Campaign - I just may be taking you up on them :)

Towards the end of the day, the sweetest couple - Julie & Steve from Burbank, Ca - came in to wine taste. My goodness - did I spend a fun afternoon with them! They were so sweet, saying that I made their tasting room experience fabulous when in actuality, it was because they were so fabulous that I was the one who had the best time. I just had to include them on this blog as they have been the highlight of the week for me! I call them "The Porch Pounders" as they loved our white wines, and are more then willing to pound through a few bottles on a hot afternoon in my honor! It kinda became the theme of our tasting experience :)

Here's a photo of the lovely couple:

Thanks, Guys! I'm so glad you stopped by - and welcome to the Halter Family!!!

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