Saturday, June 4, 2011

My First Saturday @ Halter!

OK folks - sorry - not too much to tell about today. It was rainy, cold & windy outside - a totally crazy Saturday in June in the Paso Robles area. Overall, we were pretty busy over the course of the day - & sadly too busy to break open the bottle of Cava I brought to celebrate my first Saturday at Halter - bummer...but no worries, towards the end of the day, when there were only three of us, I cracked open the bottle with the loud "Champagne pop!" to mark this milestone in my life :)

Here's the gorgeous Linsday (one of THREE Lindsays that work in the tasting room now) modeling beside the beautiful orange & white bottle of Cava.

And here is Lindsay (again) along with Cathy (the assistant tasting room manager/former tasting room manager/& partner in crime for loving the varietal tannat) toasting with the Cava - & you can see Buddy the cat in the arms of Lindsay.

So a short & sweet post, but I just want to say: After wrapping up my first week of working @ Halter, I want to say how absolutely thankful I am that I landed this job and I so appreciate what a wonderful place this is to work - and I love being able to work with such fabulous people. I totally won the lotto!!!

So now I think we'll start a tradition at the end of every Saturday: Bubbles Galore!!

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