Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lemoncello in the Morning!

Last night while we were having bubbles @ 15C, Marty promised to bring me a jug of the lemoncello that he and his wife Vicki made. Now keep in mind, when we're drinking, we all know that we all make many promises of what we want to do, but the next morning those promises fade away in a foggy haze....So when Marty promised, Boyfriend & I started placing bets on if he would show up or not. When we got home, I figured it was just a 10% chance that he'd show up.

Oh ye of little faith.

This morning while we were getting ready to open the tasting room, a car showed up, and a man started walking down the pathway with a cooler in his hand. Could it be? Was it truly him? Yes! It was Mr. Marty! He didn't forget me & followed through with the lemoncello. In fact, he gave me a whole jug of it! I couldn't believe it. Now just a little of this can put someone totally under the table - so the jug he gave me should last me a long, long time...well, it should, but you guys know me. Hopefuly it will last till the end of the week - hee hee!

Here's a photo of me with the fabulous Mr. Marty, drinking lemoncello at about 10:30 am. Hilarious :)

Long live lemoncello!!!


  1. A bird in the hand is worth two lemoncellos in the bush.

    I seem to recall your visitation to Halter lemoncello deficient. You had your chance.

    P.S. Love you Stormy!

  2. Ah, you got to visit where it was MADE honey. There is more just around the corner. 3 varieties aging nicely - secret ingredients never to be divulged!