Monday, September 12, 2011

Bubbles @ 15C!

Monday night @ 15C is Industry night - woo hoo! Us industry folks get an extra discount for putting up with all that we have to in this crazy wine industry :)

Boyfriend and I had set up to meet Lindsay Boy, my co-worker from the winery I work at, just to hang out. We got there before him and ordered our typical bubbles. Before we even sat down, Michelle had champagne flutes out on the table, ready to go for us. Does anyone think we're in a rut?

While we were sipping bubbles, I noticed Michelle unpacking the Torre Oria Cava from Spain that we always order. I ran to her saying, "This is like Christmas Day for me! Can I take them all?" Here I am in my jubilant state:

Here's a close up of the bottle - Torre Oria from 15C - only $10! I love it as it is just an easy bottle of clean, crisp bubbles. I could drink this all day long. Seriously. No really, I'm not kidding.

So Linday + Sarah + Sarah's friend Lydie show up to hang out for the night. We're catching up, having a good time when suddenly my buddy Marty from 15C sits down to the left of me. "I'm bored!" he says. "You guys are having a good time, I wanna crash your party." I say, "Marty, you're drinking bubbles?" He said, "Yeah - I saw that you guys were having so much fun, I told the ladies - I want what Sarah's having!" Apparently my obsession with bubbles is spreading amongst the crowd. Here's a photo of Marty & I doing cheers to our love for Torre Oria:

So we all ordered a cheese plate to share - really people? Do you really think my waistline can take that? But I have to admit, it was quite good.

We then all decided to share a bottle of something or another. After much deliberation, we decided to get a bottle of bubbles. Oh dear, what bottle? So Sarah and I ran over to the refrigerator to contemplate our choices. After much deliberation (as well as heckles from the crowd as glasses were empty) we chose the Graham Beck 2008 Brut Rose. A great price @ $22. The consensus was that we all loved it! 80% Pinot (but without much earthiness) and 20% chardonnay. Here's a photo of us celebrating:

Not sure you can see the gorgeous color of the bubbles but it was a sublime salmon color. I have to admit, I was in love with it before I even tasted it! Here's a photo of the label:

Now I have to give major props out to Adrienne (left) & Michelle for putting up with us tonight - as well as making us a fabulous cheese plate & a phenomenal La Espana sandwich (jamon & manchego) for Boyfriend & I (as Michelle says, we are the worst vegetarians ever....) You ladies rock!

Another night @ 15C for the record books! Well, sure...I know I may be there again tomorrow.... tee hee!

On another note: fabulous news! I'll be going to the Taste of SLO Event this Wed. as "Media Celebrity" to blog about it all. This year's event this is "Cirque du SLO Leil." Can you imagine? It is going to be absolutely fabulous. I highly recommend for you to go if you can. You can find out info about it HERE.

Cheers to everyone! - & long live bubbles!! :)

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