Friday, February 10, 2012

The Halter Ranch Industry Paaaaarty!!! has been almost three years since Halter Ranch held its last industry party. We decided to throw another party now for the "launch" of our new production facility, and we wanted the party to be HUGE so that as many industry folks as possible could attend. Seth (our tasting room manager) and I put the word out - and we put the word out long and far. But it wasn't hard as so many folks had heard about our new facility and wanted to see it. Plus, we would be serving tacos al pastor, and folks wanted to come for that :)

Tony is our wine club manager and the so called, "Ambassador of Fun." We terrified him with visions of hundreds of people attending the party. He was freaking out at 200, so can you imagine what he was thinking when the rsvps reached three hundred? Here he is, happy in the new production facility, before the craziness began:

We polished and polished glasses for the party, and polished a total of 372. I kept saying to Tony, "Is that enough? Really, is that enough?" And dear Tony would smile sweetly, and say - in his silkie yet condescending way - "Sister, we have MORE than enough."

Hollow words, Tony. Hollow words.

Hollow because, the party started at 6, but folks started showing up at 5pm. By 6:30, we were out of those 372 glasses  (are you still cocky, Tony?) They pulled another 150 brand new yet not polished glasses out and those were gone by 7:30. From there, you were on your own with plastic cups that were great for the Firestone beer, though people used them for vino too.

So that puts us at around 500 people that attended - though in reality, it may have been 550 to 600. It was truly one AMAZING paaaaaarty!!!!! :))))

One thing that was so fabulous was that the party included all industry folks: from tasting room staff to winemakers to winery owners to hotel staff to restaurant folks - come one, come all - we brought everyone on board to find out what Halter is all about!!!

I had to work it and was so slammed, I couldn't mingle too much to be in the center of the partying. But I am going to post the photos that I took just so that you get an idea of the fun had by all:

Michelle (HR at Halter) with Erin (our GM's fabulous wife):

My dear friend Addie from Epoch with two of her favorite guys:

My old, but totally cool, Cypher Crew - Stevie, Leanna & Mike - thanks so much for coming to the party guys!!!:

Molly (Halter enologist) Leslie (who helps keep the place running) and Bill (our former winemaker):

Boyfriend Dana (he regained status) with the gorgeous Laura from Clayhouse wines:

Me with the fabulous Marc Goldberg of Windward Vineyards - I LOVE this man!!!!!

Photo of Tony and I, coming out as "work husband" and "work wife" - our significant others understand - hahahahaha!!! :) Too funny

And finally, Leslie and Mitch - two of the institutions of Halter Ranch. We would not be where we are today without them. We love you guys!

I wish I had more photos - like of Mr. Seth, the fabulous tasting room manager whose birthday was the next day but who wouldn't let us celebrate at the party. That's OK though as his present was having so many people show up to the party - it showed that our hard work paid off!!!

A FABULOUS time was held by all!!! And now we're asking, how soon can we hold another as it was too much fun!!!

Thanks to all who attended. It was great to see you and we all appreciate your support!!!

p.s. In case you haven't seen it yet, here's a few photos of the new production facility, where the party was held:

It will be available for tours in April. be sure to come and see us!!!



  2. That was such an AWESOME party!!!! Thank you!!! =)