Monday, January 30, 2012

Halter Ranch Industry Party!

As most of you know, I work at Halter Ranch Vineyards. It has been THREE years since Halter has held an industry party and by god, we're holding a huge one to make up for the past couple years!  We're hoping to hold the "party of the year" on Feb 8 from 6-8pm. We're hosting it in our new winery - which actually has been the talk of the town. It is stunning - a 34,000 sq. ft. production facility  - all brand new and state of the art. I always joke that our winemaker, Kevin Sass, must be like a kid in a candy store and probably the luckiest winemaker in the world - lol!

We would love to have ALL industry folks attend the party so that you can find out about all the great things going on at Halter Ranch. So come one, come all! Winemakers, Tasting Room staff, GMs, Restaurant folks, Hotel folks, Limo drivers, Industry folks in Edna valley - basically, if you're in "the industry" we want you there! Please rsvp to by Feb 3rd to secure your place. We're getting the Al Pastor Tacos from Los Robles Cafe and want to make sure we have enough for everyone :)

Oh...and did I mention? 50% off of all wine purchases at the party. Woo hoo!

Here's a few photos of our new winery to give you an idea of the gorgeous new facility where we all will be partying!

Of course, if you're not industry, we ask that you please don't "crash" the party. That said, you can sign up for our wine club and party with us in the new facility on March 31st from 4-6. can contact to set up a mini vineyard walk/production tour. Then by sometime April, we'll hopefully have a full production tour available where you follow us through the process of making wine. Too fun!

And btw - did I mention? There are 22,000 sq. ft of caves dug out behind the production facility. Can you imagine the party we could hold when those open? :)

I hope to see all of my industry friends at the paaaarty! It will be so fun to see you all. Do me a favor and show up, as that will really stress out Tony, our wine club/event manager. He's worried that the party will get out of control - that's why we have to make sure that it does. HA!

See u there!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I'm back, bitches!

I'm a bad blogger. A very, very very bad blogger.

It has been quite a while since I've done a blog post. But you have to excuse me - I got the cold of a century, I had to put my dog to sleep right before Christmas, and then I had a relapse of my bad cold. I'm even still recovering - the whole thing really sucked -  Oy vey.

But it hasn't been all bad. My rooster rescue organization, "Save the Cocks!" was featured in the SLO New Times. You can read the article HERE. We've been selling the COCKSTRONG wristbands like crazy - you can get them at Bladerunner in SLO, and at Firestone & Lone Madrone in Templeton (Parrish Family Vineyards tasting room in Paso is coming soon!) Then my Luv it FRESH sprays are also being sold at Bladerunner Salon & Veris Cellars - they're selling fabulously! Its been great to see something that I created be useful for people.

And now I'm back! Ready to FINALLY finish the blog on the Garagiste festival, and looking forward to the follow-up "Thank you to the Volunteers" party for the Garagiste volunteers & sponsors. After that, I have some fabulous blogs that have been "back blogged," and of course, always moving on to the next good thing.

So as I said in the title, "I'm back, bitches!" Watch out, Paso Robles :)